• Guide of the most beautiful beaches south of Morocco

    On the 1,300km of coasts of southern Morocco, on the Atlantic coast of Essaouira to Dakhla, contrasting landscapes of beauty follow one another and are not alike: long beaches of golden sand and white sand, peaceful lagoons and raging waves, fishing villages, vertiginous cliffs ... then the meeting of the desert with the ocean. What show! Here is our selection of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of Morocco.

    Diabat beach

    Just get away from the city of Essaouira to find yourself in a beautiful natural setting far from the crowds. The beach of Diabat nicknamed the hippie beach since it welcomed and inspired the famous Jimi Hendrix in the 70s, offers great opportunities for horseback riding through the sand dunes. At sunset, the panorama is fantastic.

    Sidi kaouki Beach

    The beach of Sidi Kaouki 20km south of Essaouira with its wide sandbar and constant winds is a haven of peace and is a perfect playground for lovers of board sports (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurf) Prefer a small riad, an inn or a small villa in the village as a choice of accommodation.

    Tafedna Beach

    The small fishing village of Tafedna about sixty kilometers from Essaouira enjoys an ideal location with a huge wild beach of fine sand in the hollow of the cliffs of argan. A natural beach of beauty! The watchword here is the tranquility and serenity with the sound of the waves of the Atlantic as background noise.

    Imsouane Beach

    Imsouane, almost halfway between Essaouira and Agadir, is a small Berber village nestled between sea and mountains, which gives Imsouane beach ideal conditions for longboarding and surfing. Some charming accommodations have recently opened their doors with breathtaking views of the bay.

    Tamri Beach

    Tamri Beach is a small treasure of wild beach about forty kilometers north of Agadir, next to a lagoon that has been declared a National Park to protect the different species of birds that live there. The road leading to it offers impressive views of steep cliffs, dunes and long sandy beaches where prehistoric caves are hidden. Stop to buy fresh fish from the artisanal fishing of the day!

    Beach Aghroud

    The beach Aghroud with its long stretch of fine sand lined with eucalyptus, pines and tamarisk is considered by many as the prettiest beach in the region north of Agadir, and with its calm waters protected from the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean, certainly the safest. There is a hotel infrastructure, restaurants, a fish market, water activities, and even a water park and a campsite.

    Beach Taghazout

    The beach of Taghazout or rather the beaches of Taghazout since there are several beaches and coves in the region, are particularly popular among surfers who jostle on the waves of the best surf spots in Morocco with crazy names like Killer Point, Dracula, or the tip of the anchors. Further south, the beaches of Aourir (Banana Beach) and Tamraght between sea and mountains are just as charming and popular with surfers.

    Beach of sidi Ribat

    The beach of Sidi Ribat is a large sandy beach located between cliffs in the heart of the Souss-Massa National Park, a site of exceptional beauty in southern Morocco. The lagoon at the mouth of the river Massa is an exceptional place for ornithology lovers. Not far from a small fishing village, a charming hotel, the Ksar Massa, is an excellent entry point for exploring this beautiful region.

    Beach of mirleft

    The small Amazigh village of Mirleft is surrounded by small peaceful beaches where life is good. The beach Imin Turga is particularly famous for the cleanliness of its sand and the quality of its water. The beach of Marabout Sidi-Mohammed Ben Abdallah still bears witness to the time when Morocco was divided between French and Spanish controls. Beach Break and Point Break are practically at the rendezvous all year round on the beaches of Sidi El Ouafi, Tamahroucht, where Sidi Ifni.

    Legzira Beach

    It has already been ranked among the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world. Legzira Beach, also known as the Red Beach, is famous for its cliffs in the ocher color throwing itself into the ocean, and its splendid arches carved into the rock offering a real light show especially at sunset. On September 23, 2016, the main arch of Legzira Beach unfortunately collapsed due to erosion (but the beach is just as photogenic).

    White beach of guelmim

    On the coastal road that connects Sidi Ifni to Tan Tan is the longest and wildest beach in Morocco. The white beach of Guelmim nicknamed the playa blanca is a gigantic expanse of sand dunes located in the heart of an ecological park of 250 km² facing the Canary Islands, to explore without moderation in 4x4. Contact a former champion of the Aicha gazelles trophy at Ksar Tafnidilt to organize a 4x4 excursion on the white beach of Guelmim.

    The lagoon of dakhla

    If paradise existed in Morocco, it would be called Dakhla. The unlikely meeting of the Sahara desert with the Atlantic Ocean has given rise to this peninsula surrounded by a beautiful wilderness. The Dakhla Lagoon has been adopted by kite surfers from all over the world, holidaymakers bask in the sun, flamingos and other migratory birds and mammals find their way there. The lagoon of Dakhla is magnetic.

    Beach of the island of dragon

    Dragon Island stands like a mirage in the middle of the Dakhla Lagoon. At low tide it can be reached on foot, at high tide by boat or on a catamaran excursion. It's like being in the Caribbean with all these shades of turquoise water, those long stretches of white sand, these clay cliffs, but without the crowds, because we are often alone in the world on this deserted island.

    The white dune

    It is not strictly speaking a beach where you can swim but rather an exceptional natural place to visit at least once in your life. The White Dune of Dakhla is a most amazing geological formation with breathtaking views of the desert on one side and the ocean on the other. At low tide, millions of crabs and migratory birds make their appearance.

    Beach Portorico and puertito

    The most beautiful wild beaches of southern Morocco are found in the region of Dakhla. The beaches of Portorico and Puertito with their white sand and crystal clear waters are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and watching migratory birds. There is also the possibility of spending the night in a tent or bivouac for the more adventurous travelers.

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